“Saf offers a Brave, Universal Look at Gentrification.”

James Brotheridge, Exclaim

“The story evolves for the viewer over time, and the initially distant characters come extremely close, making the examination of the human conscience even more prominent. The impressive performances in conjunction with the unexpected storytelling definitely offer a different perspective on a subject that has already been explored multiple times – and not only in Turkish cinema.”

Vassilis Economou, Cineuropa

“Bleak without falling into a pit of miserabilism, and meaningful without being preachy, Saf should be classified as a moral fable of our times and yet there’s nothing fablelike about it.”

Nicholas Bell, ION Cinema

“Saf’s greatest strength how it explores the ways that systems of economics, community loyalty, moral relativism and prejudice interact with each other in often harmful ways.”

Christopher Machell, CineVue